5 Guaranteed Tips To Find Local Moving Services

Local moving services are common nowadays and it’s easy to find one. However, there can be a few rotten eggs in the basket that you need to avoid. What you want are reliable and quality movers that will transport your belongings without hidden fees, shady contracts, or tricky schemes.

As much as it’s easy to find a moving company, hiring one could be intimidating for first-timers. Newbie clients tend to fall to less reputable companies that are either dishonest or operating illegally. If you’re scouting for movers Fort Lauderdale has to offer, keep these five things in mind:

Seek recommendations

Nothing beats word of mouth when it comes to finding the best movers. You can ask your neighbors, family, and friends for recommendations. They might have hired movers before and they can provide an assessment of the service. If this isn’t possible, refer on reviews of moving companies you’re considering to hire. Look on their websites or social media pages to have a good idea about their service and customer relations.

Have your home surveyed

A lot of movers in Fort Lauderdale will survey your home first before giving the exact price of the service. Nevertheless, feel free to ask this ahead. Don’t let the moving company provide you a quotation via phone calls or e-mail. These are just rough estimates and you might be surprised with hidden charges when it’s time to pay. Also, don’t pay hefty deposits since you have no assurance yet that your belongings will be delivered safely.

Request a quote

If you’re torn between multiple companies, you can call them and ask for a quote. It’s excellent if they will offer a home visit so they can compute the fees based on the size of the items to be delivered. If not, a rough estimate will do at the meantime to limit your options. Once you have a single prospect, ask them for a home survey. You can still say no if you find the fees too expensive.  

Ask the hard questions

Most likely, you’ll find attractive offers from Fort Lauderdale movers. If this is the case, call the company and ask them the questions you have in mind. Inquire about the pricing, the guarantee that your belongings will be delivered, insurance, and so on. The best moving companies won’t mind answering these questions if they are experienced and well-equipped. But if the person you’re talking to seems to shun the queries, it’s time to look somewhere else.  

Put everything in writing

Never, ever sign a blank contract. Make sure that the price, guarantees, and accountability are written on the contract before you ink it. Some companies use this loophole to get away from poor services or damages to the belongings of their clients. Also, all your belongings should be properly labeled on the inventory.  Otherwise, you can’t file a complaint if it goes missing upon delivery.

Choosing local moving services properly will ensure that every piece of your belongings will be delivered. Be meticulous and wise with your options.

Does moving to Florida is a good idea or not?

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Florida is one of the ideal places to live with. It is known for its beautiful shorelines, varying landscapes, cultures, and more. And probably right now you are talking inside your head saying, “I want to move to Florida where do I start?”. But don’t be frustrated, here are the living in South Florida Pros and Cons.


Florida is indeed a beautiful state as it has various natural wonders that you will surely visit over and over. Here are the Pros of Living in Florida.
1. Sunny Weather – Most days in Florida were hot and sunny, so, you can enjoy various outdoor activities.
2. No State Taxes – If you are living in Florida, you will not worry about paying state taxes. All you need to care about is Federal taxes.
3. Beach and Parks – Florida offers many beaches like Key West, South Beach, Delray Beach and more. Venture out to the coast and enjoy the beaches in Florida. Spend time yachting, diving, swimming, cruising, and surfing. And if you prefer visiting theme parks, Disney and Universal Studio is the right place for you.
4. Various Amenities – Florida has a wide-range of amenities like Gulf Islands National Seashore, Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserve, and many more where you can enjoy and relax.
5. Mixed Population – Florida has a lot of different groups and types of people. So, expect socializing with different kind of people with different kind of culture.
6. Low Cost of living – The cost of living in Florida is relatively low, however cost of living here vary from places.


Some people are moving out of Florida. Why? Well, here are the Cons of Living in Florida.
1. Hot Weather – Summer months in Florida are humid. That’s why you must rely on air-conditioning for most of the year or you’ll be drenched in sweat especially in the months of June, July, and August.
2. Rains Longer – Aside from the hot weather, the rain in Florida stays for longer period which sometimes lasts for an hour.
3. Hurricane – You’ll likely experience destructive hurricane, storms, and tropical typhoons in the peninsula of Florida.
4. Insects – Another downside of living in Florida is insects. Florida is filled with insects such as water bugs, mosquitoes, snakes, and more. So, if you hate insects then Florida is not the best place for you.
5. High Crime Rate – Some parts of Florida has a high crime rate. The attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando was the deadliest mass shooting in history of the United States.

So, what do you think? Is Florida the perfect place for you? If so, ask other people some tips on moving to Florida and hire moving services. You can try Best in South Florida Movers, we provide great services for the residential and commercial move. We have wide-range of experience and advanced equipment to make moving effortless and faster. Just give us a call for a free estimate.